Buying ads from other channels

To buy advertising posts, it is best to use channels about caldo de pollo telegram with a live base of subscribers from 1000 people. Advertising platforms should be as close as possible in terms of subject matter. You can search for advertising channels both manually and with the help of special services (see the first […]

VKontakte launched the monetization of video content and announced the monetization of live broadcasts

VKontakte began testing the monetization of video content in August of this. Video monetization was available to some active communities on the platform. Over the past months, the total income of authors who have joined the program has increased by 50%. Until the end of the year, all communities whose content complies with its rules […]

Facebook launches “Professional Accounts”

Facebook is working to give creators more options in their app and is launching “Professional Accounts” (similar to Instagram’s creator account). Professional mode will provide access to publication statistics, audience data, and also provide quick access to monetization functions. Therefore, now, if you want to run a professional blog on Facebook, you don’t need to […]

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