What should a social media designer know and be able to do?

A social media designer must have knowledge from various fields including telegram onlyfans. Here is his core skill set.

Graphic editor. Today, Photoshop remains the most popular design tool. Knowledge of platforms and services for creating collages, fonts and photo processing will also be useful.
Copywriting. Often a designer needs to write text in a layout or video. Therefore, it is important to observe literacy, logic, informativeness and structure so that the text is easy and pleasant to read.
Composition and coloring. Basic skills in combining colors and shapes are required. It is important for a designer to constantly develop a sense of taste and observation. The more creative practice, the better. The Coolors service will help beginners in the first couple.
Basic knowledge and skills of PR. A social media designer must be able to assess the target audience of the company and know how to properly present the product.
smm skills. To make a good product and ensure that it works effectively, you need to know how community management works.

What should a social media designer know and be able to do?
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